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Support Planning and Brokerage

BCIL’s Peer Support Planning and Brokerage Service has been creating support plans for Barnet’s disabled residents since 2011. Many disabled residents have enjoyed the benefits of self -directing the support they receive. With changes to funding including the end of the Independent Living Fund and working within the framework of the Care Act, our customers continue to enjoy the benefits of our creative service supporting them to live the independent life they choose.

If you are over 18, live in Barnet and have been assessed as needing certain types of social care please call 020 8359 2444 to find out how you can benefit from our free service.

Welcome to Barnet Centre for Independent Living

The Barnet Centre for Independent Living (BCIL) is a peer-led organisation that promotes accessibility for disabled people by breaking down barriers to employment and social inclusion.

It aims to provide a peer-led, multi-service one-stop-shop for people with any form of disability living or working in the London Borough of Barnet.

It brings together community organisations, service users and carers to offer services that are based on the social model of disability and is aimed at promoting independence, social inclusion and equality. It aims to remove barriers, enabling all of its clients to live as independently as possible with the necessary support.

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BCIL is part of Healthwatch Barnet; a network of individuals, organisations and groups who work together to improve health and social care services in our borough.


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